Info Workshop for production on analytical display LokalAktiv
Activists from 14 civic organizations, members of the online community medium Lokal Aktiv, attended a one-day training session to generate new local topics and write analytical reports that will then be published on their community online platform.
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Info NO to government campaigns in the media and misuse of the EU flag in the Assembly
Us, the professional journalist associations and civic organizations from the media sector are categorically opposed to recent attempts to return to state advertising in the media. Our position comes from expert assessments that the proposed changes will be extremely harmful to media pluralism, the independence of media and the freedom of journalists and media workers in Macedonia.
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Info Public debate on the role of community media in fostering pluralistic democracy
At the online debate held as part of Media Literacy Days, civic organizations working at the local level debated about the factors that prevent the inclusion of citizens with various forms of disabilities in the public sphere. The impetus for the debate was found in the latest research conducted by civil organizations from the Eastern and Southeastern regions, in cooperation with the RESIS Institute.
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Info The first meeting of the editorial board of the community medium LokalAktiv
On October 5, the RESIS Institute, together with activists from civil organizations from the East and South-Eastern regions and professional journalists, held the first meeting of the editorial board of the online community media - LokalAktiv.
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Info Meeting with civic organizations from the Vardar region
A meeting with civic organizations from the Vardar region in the Youth Center in Kavadarci, the initiative of the RESIS Institute for the formation of an online community medium - LokalAktiv for the Vardar region, was presented.
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Info Тhe fragmentation of the media landscape creates only an illusion of plurality – new policy approach is needed to stimulate local and independent media
RESIS conducted the new assessment of the risks for media pluralism in North Macedonia, as part of the Media Pluralism Monitor 2023 (MPM2022), a project coordinated by the Center for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom from Florence.
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Info Community media – important structures in strengthening pluralist democracy
On April 25, the RESIS Institute held an online debate on the growing importance of community media in fostering civic engagement in local governance.
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RESIS is a multidisciplinary research organization whose primary purpose is to advance the theoretical and practical knowledge of the problems of social change and public policy analysis.
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RESIS establishes strategic links and partnerships with NGOs, higher education institutions and research institutes.
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